Slogan: „Music is my Life. No music. No life.“"

DJ Mo loves and lives the sounds of Black/Hip Hop & R'n'B. All over Bavaria and with his passion for music, his j´knowledge on the turntables and his talent of enteratainment with the mic let the people partying hard.

He also was a support DJ of for example Ying Yang Twins, Flo Rida, Fatman Scoop etc. In Munich No. 1 Hip Hop Club he showed his talent and since then he is a proudly member of the Resident DJs at CROWNS CLUB& GARDEN.

He cannot imagine a life without music. He does not see the music only as work, but he takes private time to do mixtapes to share it with his fans.

Additional Info

  • Slogan: „Music is my Life. No music. No life.“